Why choose our business?

A Premium Product at a Reasonable Price: Shea by Design manufactures and packages quality hair, body, and skincare products for the whole family.

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Be kind to nature...

We care about you and nature! Our CEO, Laetitia, is a nature conservationist by profession and ensures that our products and processes are safe and kind to nature, you and your family.

How was Shea by Design born?

Shea by Design (Est. 2018) was born by an innovative and passionate woman looking to give fellow naturals a product that is more affordable and organic while giving them the most significant results. Shea by Design’s founder, Laetitia Piers, started her natural hair journey in March 2017. She started transitioning for few months until April 2017 when she did the big chop. She blogged all about it on her page Curly Tisha and her blog, you can read all about it by clicking on those links. Her love for research is innate because she is a scientist by profession. Thus, her love for researching products used by naturals and blogging about her natural hair was inevitable. Throughout her natural hair journey and since the start of her page and blog, she’s been contacted by other naturals that need products specially designed for their hair, and essentially that’s how Shea by Design was born. She saw the opportunity to design these products for naturals who need them and make these quality products available to them at a more affordable price than most retailers.

Everything we need comes from nature!