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Shea by Design

9 Row Detangling Brush

9 Row Detangling Brush

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The detangling brush every curly-girl needs! It helps define your curls while detangling your hair safely. It has removable bristles so you can remove bristles if needed reducing tension and allowing it to glide through your hair.

The design of our brushes contributes to it being favored by everyone. It has rounded bristles to prevent damaging your scalp while detangling and it's easy to remove the bristles.



How to use


1. Wet your hair with water and apply a conditioner of your choice.

2. Detangling from the ends to the roots.


1. Add your curl cream or gel to your hair.

2. Brush from the ends to the roots.

3. Hold the brush tought to your roots and glide down while flipping your hand upwards to curl your ends.

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This item is returnable, please view our Return Policy for more information.

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We source our ingredients from Africa

The main ingredient of Shea by Design products is Shea Butter sourced from Ghana, we proudly support women in this country to support their families!

We believe in clean beauty

Our products areĀ 100% organic andĀ natural with carefully selected ingredients forĀ youĀ andĀ theĀ whole family. OurĀ products areĀ great forĀ hair & skin. OurĀ products areĀ ALL-IN-ONE, being useful forĀ everything from moisture retention inĀ your hair toĀ reduce theĀ appearance ofĀ blemishes onĀ your skin.

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